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Egg donation can be referred to a process where a woman donates her egg to other women in order to let her conceive through IVF or any other assisted reproductive techniques. This may be done as per an agreement in return of a compensation or a mutual favor coming out of the requirements of the female partner due to her inability or unwillingness to conceive a child by herself.

How Egg donation comes as a useful aspect in IVF?

Egg donation can be brought into picture for a number of reasons. There are cases where the female partner can’t have her own biological children as her own eggs are not facilitating a possible pregnancy. In other cases, the female partner is often been suggested to use donor eggs by her physician as it would be too risky to go ahead for an assisted reproductive treatment or the eggs count is too low to make it a feasible pregnancy altogether.

Moreover, there are cases where the women are born without ovaries, or their reproductive organs have been damaged or surgically removed because of any other health issues or disease. There are also few cases where the female is carrying any kind of genetic disease and doesn’t want to convey the same to her child and this is where an Egg donor comes into picture.

How Egg donation process works?

The Egg donation process often comes as time consuming and tedious task altogether and both the egg donor and the female partner needs to go through arrange of tests and diagnostics to screen their physical and mental health. While the female partner is diagnosed in order to ensure a better health for the child in the future, the egg donor also goes through the tests to ensure only the right and quality eggs to be transferred to the female partner in the process.

Why Dubai Fertility Services is best for egg donation services?

At Dubai Fertility Services, we always make sure of bringing only the best Egg donors with verified profiles for your selection down the line. We understand that even you would like to pick only the best Egg donor in order to ensure a healthy future for your coming child.

Whilst checking the profile of an Egg donor, we pre check the character, backdrop, and aptitude of the Egg donor in order to ensure its feasibility for your requirements. All the egg donors on our records have gone through a complete check in terms of physical and mental aspect.

Additionally, to get all the best Egg donors on board, we have partnered with a number of Elite IVF clinics across Dubai city to ensure only the best treatments and egg donation services to our valued clients worldwide.

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