Generally on receiving an email or Parent Application Form or a Phone call, with the help of our IVF Clinics we start by discussing the various options that could be made available to suite your specific needs. Depending on your requirement (individual need*) we will then co-ordinate your case with the clinic, surrogates, egg donors and other major players.

* We must mention here that every case, every situation is treated as special and there could be many avenues that might be made available to you especially. Please use this site only as a guide line and to get a better understanding of the process involved in this journey write to us and let us know your individual requirement.

Initial Contact

First free no-obligation Medical opinion through our partner IVF clinic. (We will respond to your query within 48 hours.).
If you decide that Become Parents can help you further, we will then start the process of Locating & Screening of an Egg Donor and a Surrogate that suits your needs.
While all this is happening, Become Parents would be working in the background getting Contracts ready and signed by all concerned parties, establishing Escrow accounts, arranging Insurance for the Surrogate etc.
We will then establish Communication and between IPs, Surrogates, Egg Donor and the clinic to come-up with a plan to co-ordinate your visit, Surrogate and ED cycles.
Become Parents will arrange for an English speaking driver/guide to be with IPs during your entire stay in Mumbai. You will also have a vehicle at your disposal and should you wish to go on for some sight seeing and explore India, our Travel agent will help you plan your itinerary, reservations and take care of other minor details.
At this point IP’s will more than likely arrive into India. Become Parents will arrange for airport pick-up and look after you during your entire stay.
After the IVF procedure is carried out and upon successful pregnancy the IVF clinic will house the Surrogate in a purpose built Hostel ensuring she stays in a clean, stress free environment. This hostel has a domestic help and a cook available throughout her stay.

Dubai Fertility Services

"Dubai Fertility services” is one of the subsidiaries of the renowned “Become parents” group which was formed in 2007 in Melbourne, Australia. Our office is based out of Dubai city and till now, we have helped more than 600 couples worldwide in making their dreams of having a baby come true with our specialized treatments and gestational carrier services.

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