PGD for genetic screening

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) can certainly be quoted as one of the best methods of detecting any type of genetic defects or chromosomal deficiencies present in the embryos during the course of an IVF treatment. Apart from the same, this Diagnosis comes as one of the best ways to track and monitor the genetics to further eliminate every kind of risk attached with embryo development during IVF cycle. It can further be considered as a genetic analysis of the embryo that put forward a clarification in regards to the collection of chromosomes along with their count in embryo. This way, Doctors can easily check down any type of defect or deficiency in genes transferred to the embryo progressed and developed during the IVF treatment and can go ahead with appropriate measures to eliminate the same in due course.

Why PGD holds significance in IVF treatment?

  • PGD helps big way in checking and treating various issues in women having multiple IVF treatments in past.
  • PGD comes good for all the women having recurrent miscarriages.
  • PGD is still one of the best methods to check for chromosomes and genetic defects in women over 38 years.
  • PGD also holds good for women with persistent embryo transfers without achieving pregnancy.
  • PGD can also be considered best ways to check various issues like distressed genetic and chromosomal count during pregnancy.
  • All the couples who are coming along with single gene mutations can get lot of medical assistance by PGD and this way the couple can avoid letting the negative health impacts of the mother to be carried forwarded to the future child

Benefits of PGD Treatment

  • All types of genetic disorders and chromosomal defects within the embryos during the pregnancies gets eradicated with the help of PGD.
  • Supporting the process of pre- implantation of embryo into woman’s uterus and making sure the healthy and safe delivery of the future child in the process.
  • The born child stays without any genetic disorders and health issues
  • PGD also eliminates any kind of pre-natal genes defects in its initial stages before letting it developed

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